Kids Classes At 1MR

Kids Classes


I CAN & I WILL is the motto of My 1st Round 1MR Kids Martial Arts Academy!

We don’t just build physical strength and self-defense skills; 1MR is all about instilling vital life lessons such as mental focus, confidence, resiliency, goal setting and leadership. It’s more than a workout—it’s a journey to become their best self, inside and out!

Progressing curriculum , sash system includes testing of fitness, technique and a written/oral component. All done in a fun, safe, motivating yet challenging environment.

Modern Martial Arts Skills

Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai Techniques

Physical Fitness

Staying active, builds Cardio & Strength

Mental Resiliency

Goal Setting, work ethics and not giving up.

Safe, Supportive & Fun

Engaging, fun and Safe environment


Benefits of 1MR 1st Round academy


It’s designed to lay a solid educational groundwork. Not only will children enhance their physical strength and grasp the basics of striking Martial Arts, but they’ll also sharpen their concentration and acquire invaluable values and abilities such as self-esteem, attentive listening, and social skills.

Martial Arts Skills
Strength & Conditioning
Mental Health Benefits
Motivating and Engaging

Motivating your child to attend Kickboxing classes can be achieved through various strategies. Here are some suggestions: Highlight the Fun Aspect: Make sure your child knows that Kickboxing classes can be fun. They’ll learn new skills, make new friends, and have a great time. Set Goals: Setting small, achievable goals can help motivate your child. It could be mastering a new move, or improving their speed or strength. Positive Reinforcement: Praise your child’s efforts and improvements, no matter how small. This can boost their confidence and motivation. Be a Role Model: Show enthusiasm for physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Your attitude can influence your child’s interest in Kickboxing. Involve Peers: If your child’s friends are also interested in Kickboxing, they can motivate each other to attend classes. Provide the Right Equipment: Having their own Kickboxing gloves or gear can make kids more excited about Kickboxing classes. Talk About the Benefits: Explain how Kickboxing can improve their fitness, help them make friends, and teach them valuable skills. Encourage Regular Practice: Encourage your child to practice at home. This can help them see improvement and stay motivated. Remember, it’s important to ensure the activity remains enjoyable for your child. It’s important to ensure that Kickboxing classes are age-appropriate, focus on technique and safety, and are led by qualified instructors.