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With origins dedicated to the arts of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, we bring you the benefits of striking fitness.


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Through authentic boxing, kickboxing striking techniques, we aim to provide every member with the opportunity to access their resiliency, achieve their fitness goals, and create a long-lasting change not only physically but mentally as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Boxing and kickboxing at 1MR both provide an intense mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that engage your core, legs, and arms. Not only will you be learning and improving skills every workout but they are both a great way to lose weight and get in shape without getting bored at the gym. Striking skills improve your balance, coordination, cardiovascular and muscular endurance (functional muscles as opposed to gym weight lifting), and both serve as an excellent outlet for stress and anxiety. Working out at 1MR teaches a Fighter Mindset of goal setting, accountability and resiliency that carry to other situations. It improves your confidence, and overall mental And on top of that, being part of our welcoming community is always the best place to engage and meet new people.

1MR classes showcase all modern striking techniques, including Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Boxing will focus on hands striking, head movement and proper footwork. Kickboxing involves different kicking techniques, distance work and combination of hands and legs. Muay Thai, “the art of 8 limbs” incorporates hands, elbow strikes, knees and kicks. Our coaches have experience competing in these disciplines and bring fundamentals and advanced combos that work in a competitive environment and break them down to fit all levels with emphasize on correct form. Each discipline has its unique differences, and we encourage members to explore different classes to hone their skills. In addition, we have classes that incorporate weights and other equipment where emphasis is on building muscle and strength.

Fitness boxing is a workout where you perform combinations of punches just for exercise. In 1MR you will learn authentic striking technique from instructors who have fighting experience and extensive martial arts background. There is emphasis on proper form, footwork, movement and defense while throwing combinations with intent and understanding of why and how. You will undeniably experience a progression in your skills that fitness boxing doesn’t provide. That being said every class is a full body workout so you get the benefit of learning a new skill as well as getting in great shape.

1MR One More Round focuses on individual progress in a group setting. While traditional striking gyms or fighting gyms can come with ego, focus on prize fighters and generally run long classes which are based on partner work, where half the class you workout and the other you hold pads for a partner, we value your time and personal progress first. 1MR One More Round classes are 45 minute of non-stop action for getting maximum results both in fitness and technique in a safe and supportive environment. You are not held back by a partner that is a mismatch for your level or has different goals. At 1MR your whole class is you investing time in yourself. WE focus on YOU so YOU can focus on YOU. And if you also want to venture into partner work, you can progress to drills and competition team, where the class is advanced as you are.

1MR coaches all understand what fighter mentality means. They have shown resilience in their personal lives and in the ring and they bring with them both technique and experience coaching individuals to beyond their limits to the classes. Our head coach, Cristian Rojas, is a fighter from Chile with over 120 professional fights. Our team of 1MR certified coaches all are inspired by our hard working members and have a true passion for teaching in all different environments, both competitive and recreational.

Yes, even though we are not a traditional fighting gym we have a competition team that grew up in 1MR and our coaches have literally 100s of fights between them. Our program may differ in approach but as a beginner it instills you with fundamentals and fighter shape and mentality and set a proper baseline to success. From there we offer progression to drills classes where you will perfect you defence and engage in a more combative approach but in a safe environment that is both confidence building and conducive to proper progress. Once you are ready for the next step you will join our fighter workouts where you will learn from our experienced coaches fighting strategies, engagement and preparation for your fight.

No, 1MR is for all fitness levels and your conditioning will improve over time. Everyone starts somewhere and we accommodate any and every level. So even if this is your first workout in years your dedicated coach will remind you to pace yourself and encourage you to take breaks where you need to (or if he believes you should). You can join not being able to do 1 push-up and still comfortable (that’s a quote from a member who came in at that level, and now that’s a thing of the past).

Yes, both boxing and kickboxing classes can certainly aid in weight loss. Both boxing and kickboxing are high-intensity workouts that can burn a significant number of calories. The exact number will depend on the intensity of your workout, your weight and fitness level, but it’s not uncommon to burn 500-1000 calories in a 1MR class. Our members have seen amazing changes in body composition, muscles building and cardiovascular fitness, so you continue burning calories also after class, all contributing to amazing body transformation.

This depends on your personal goals, but we have found that members that attend at least 3 times a week see great results in fitness levels, technical competence, weight loss and overall mental health. This way 1MR becomes part of your healthy lifestyle and into a habit of you progressing to your goals and beyond. Once you get it into that habit – 1MR classes are addicting.

Boxing and kickboxing are for everyone, regardless of age. It’s never too late to start. We have all ages participate in our classes, and we see all ages thriving and progressing in both skills and fitness levels. Actually it’s a great way to feel good about yourself, no matter what age you are. Our classes provide strength, resistance and cardio health that are

Yes, boxing classes can be beneficial for self-defense. While 1MR primary focus of boxing is sport, the skills you learn can also be applied in self-defense situations. However, it’s important to note that while boxing provides some tools that can be useful in self-defense, it doesn’t cover all aspects of self-defense, such as dealing with multiple attackers or defense against weapons. But most of all, remember that being in good shape and self confidence are both important and needed for reacting in adverse situations.

1MR classes are safe as they focus on first and foremost on personal progression fitness and do not involve actual fighting. Most classes are heavy bag classes where each member has a dedicated bag while a professional instructor teaches technique and motivates you to do your best. If you are interested in further progression into a more competitive environment that option is available once your skill matches the required level. 1MR offers drills classes as well as a competition team for those interested in pursuing fighting experiences.


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Everyone can benefit from Training Like a Fighter. It’s a mindset that carries into all aspects of life. 




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