CLASSES AT 1MR for all levels

Classes Offered at One More Round

1MR One More Round is not just a gym but an all-inclusive training centre. Whether you’re looking to develop your Boxing skills, Muay Thai & Kickboxing skills, get your kids active or just get a great workout, 1MR One More Round has the class for you! 

All of our classes follow a developing curriculum to ensure maximum progression and engagement.

Everyone starts somewhere – So make it today! 

And you will see how far it takes you!



First Day

First days are always exciting but also might be somewhat intimidating. Not at 1MR One More Round! You will be welcomed for a pre-class meet up that will give you the prep you need to get going. Our orientation staff are here for anything you need from how to wrap your hands, learn basic terms and technique and answer fitness questions. Once class starts, we will be right there to make sure you follow along and get a great workout!



No experience? No problem. Our program is designed to teach you the fundamentals and core principles of Boxing and Kickboxing training. Believe it or not, there is a significant benefit to having no experience prior to joining 1MR – you have no bad habits to break. Many people are taught improper technique in other fitbox classes and find themselves relearning the basics. Learning new technique will not mean you won’t get those calories burning, so be prepared! Choose from our many classes and lets get going!


Fitness Oriented

You want to get a great workout? Well, you are in the right place. We will enhance your fitness motivation. Fighting is a mindset and reaching your weight loss or fitness goals is just that! Our workouts are calorie-burning, heart-pumping and downright exciting. Always expect a full body workout, and an amazing combination of cardio and strength training!



Our kids program is designed for ages 7-12. Kids will be learning a combination of Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing in their all-levels classes. One on one attention and feedback is given to each student so they can work out safely and effectively all while gaining important life skills such as respect, discipline, active-listening/effective communication and perseverance. These life skills are vital for healthy and successful development, cultivating a foundation for optimal social, athletic, and academic development.



Have experience or want to test your skills and take them to the next level? Our regional 1MR One More Round Fight Centre serves as our competitive sporting facility. Athletes can transition from recreational to the competitive level and train with our competitive team. We accommodate coaching for athletes in all level fighters. Whether you are working toward your first amateur fight, or are an experienced pro fighter, we will support you to achieve your full potential. Note: we take sparring and competitive fighting very seriously and as such they are by invite only.



Led by a certified 1MR Instructor

Increase Strength, Improve Cardio, lose Weight with Impact Training and Exercise

Continuous Progression in Learning Authentic Striking Techniques. Individual Pace in a high Energy Group Enviroment

Boost Mental Health, Push Limits, Gain Confidence and Self Esteem

Join a Supportive, Welcoming and Non-Judgmental Community that Cheers you on

Receive Personalized Feedback to ensure Proper Form and Technique to Minimize Injuries and ensure Maximum Progression